What is the 4×800 record attempt? The all-star team of women 800 runners from Indiana and Ohio is attempting to run a 4 x 800 relay faster than:

  1. NFHS U.S. High School record of 8:48.29
    Grosse Pointe South HS
    MHSAA Division I State Meet, 6/2/2012
  2. Track and Field U.S. High School record of 8:43.12
    Roosevelt High, Greenbelt, MD
    Penn Relays 4/25/2008
  3. The best of all known* high school or U20 relays – 8:37.71
    Vere Tech, Jamaica
    Penn Relays 4/1991
    *Meets conducted in U.S. only? Needs more research

Why all the different records? Different ratification standards of some sort. High school records must have athletes from the same school.
What’s U20? – it’s an age group, meaning athletes under 20 years old, U20 teams could includes athletes from 1-4 different schools, including colleges. U

Regardless, if they run faster than 8:37.71, it could be a U.S. U20 or world best ever, which is the essence of the definition of a national or world record .

Would it be an official record? No. The attempt certainly falls short of ratification standards, so this is just for the fun of doing it.

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